The buzz, and the spike in sales during the holiday season is something that every business owner loves to see. This isn’t just during the holiday season, but they wish they could replicate this feeling and results for the rest of the year.

Here are 5 workable customer retention strategies to make holiday shoppers remain customers throughout the year:

  1. Make your customers feel they are valued.
  2. Retarget your ads.
  3. You’ve got the emails, use them!
  4. Use the new year’s resolution spirit to your advantage.
  5. Do not limit holiday sales to holidays alone.

1. Make your customers feel they are valued

A recent research made by shows that customers sometimes change loyalty because they feel the brand could have done something more to make them feel more appreciated.

The holiday season and beyond is when customer satisfaction should be most prioritized. No matter the kind of brand you operate, it’s a people’s brand. Therefore, ensure your customers are well satisfied.

Taking a step further, you can send gifts to loyal customers to show how much you appreciate them for patronizing you. While this should be an honest appreciation from your end, it can make your customers feel special and increase their loyalty, making them unofficial ambassadors of your products.

2. Retarget your ads

In a previous blog post, we talked about how your e-commerce website can be used as a customer retention strategy, read here.

Here is a video from Neil Patel on how to retarget visitors back to your website.

3. You’ve got the emails, use them!

After the holidays, what you possess next after making tons of money from your e-commerce website are customer details. Use the emails, but do not spam.

An advantage of being able to send out emails to your customers is that they do not see it as spam, because they willingly gave their details to you.

You can send your customers:

  • Promotional email as regards new products.
  • A reminder of who you are and what you do.
  • Relevant links to blog posts, or other things of value you have for them.
  • Community building.

4. Use the new year resolution spirit to your advantage

For every new year, your customers strive to be better people, and what’s a brand that doesn’t help customers hit their goals? This is where you begin aligning your products with your customers’ resolutions.

For example, a real estate company can align customer resolution of being a better person to start building and investing in wealth.

A skincare company can talk about how a customer should look good. A food company can help prioritize eating healthy.

This will help customers feel that you as a brand are here to support them on their journey to achieving their goals.

No matter the industry you are in, there sure is a way to help your customers hit their goals. This way, they feel more loyal to you.

5. Do not limit holidays sales to holidays alone

Customers love discounts and gifts. Depending on your business, there are different sales strategies to apply to your business. It could be upselling and cross-sellingreferral marketing, etc.

Customers find discounts and gifts exciting and a way to save money. Providing that for the year is a goldmine for you.

NB: As listed above, there are other ways to retain clients and customers. If discounts won’t be sustainable for your business, don’t do it!

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