Beyond the valid benefits of owning a website which includes making the sales process easy, reaffirming your core values to your target audience through the intentional branding on your website, etc. There is a further benefit that if when used correctly is a customer retention strategy.

In this blog post, we will be focusing on 2 ways a website can stand as a customer retention strategy. They are:

  1. Retaining customer details
  2. Using analytics to target right.

1. Retaining customer details

As a business, there are different strategies for retaining customer details. One of the common ways is asking for their email addresses. This is done by giving value in exchange for their details. A free valuable e-book in exchange for email addresses. A good example is For every e-book you download, it requests your email.

Depending on your type of business, retaining customer details is great for:

  1. Sending newsletters
  2. Sending a reminder of who you are and what you do
  3. Promotional emails informing them of new products.
  4. community building.

People do get irritated by unsolicited promotions, but when your target audience knows that giving you their details is a form of consent from them; make it an intentional decision on their path.

2. Using analytics to target rights

Analytics tools are tracking tools to check the performance of your content across e-commerce platforms. Most social media platforms have their analytic tools. Other analytics tools are google analytics, and HubSpot all encompassing CRM software, etc.

You may have done all of the marketing research to target the right audience, but that doesn’t make you 100% perfect, but owning a website provides a way forward.

Have you ever noticed that when you search for a concept on any online platform, be it google or social media platform, you begin to see ads as regards what you search for?

It’s amazing how you search for a concept on chrome, but the ad comes up on LinkedIn, or Instagram and vice versa.

This is to inform you of the level of development of technology around the globe, just by searching or clicking, or visiting a concept, tech AI helps you navigate where and who exactly your target audience is. This knowledge of your target audience can help you perfect your demographics and psychographics, then you can directly target them.

The advancement of technology has also gone beyond searching for a concept. Amazingly, you could walk into a store, and before leaving the store, there’s an ad as regards the store.

You want to be prepared by owning a functional website that can take your potential clients on a journey of moving from potential to loyal customers.

This also validates trying out more than an e-commerce platform, although sticking to the right ones is a priority. Read to know your platforms and how to select which is best for you.

Also, you can trace where and how your target audience gets to know about your products and services through analytics. This also helps you with more targeted information.

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