In three of our previous blog posts, we couldn’t stop talking about the importance of owning a website for your business and how to go about it. If you missed them, you can read them here:

In this blog post, we will be discussing blueprints to generate traffic on your website. They are:

  1. Make quality, relevant, and evergreen content
  2. Visual matters
  3. Don’t miss out on keywords for SEO
  4. Invest in your website speed
  5. Harness social media

Make quality, relevant, and evergreen content

The emphasis here is on quality, relevance, and evergreen. Your content must be good enough to make your audience wants to engage with it – that’s quality.

Your content may be quality but not for your target audience, therefore your content should be what your target audience wants to engage with – that’s relevance.

Evergreen contents are content that will always make sense and remain relevant no matter the time your target audience comes across them. A good way to make content evergreen is regularly update it. Adding recent facts and more information will do the job.

Visual matters

Website design, texts, featured images, graphics, videos are examples of visuals. Ensure that your visuals are of standard quality, so it’s easy on the eyes.

Poor website design gives negative vibes and increases your bounce rate. Bounce rate is the number of people who take off from your website without fully starting.

Visual matters also, because Google features images and graphics when a search is made. Therefore, ensure to invest in a standard web design and quality visuals.

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Don’t miss out on keywords for SEO

Well-used keywords increase the traffic rate on your website. Below are some best practices for keywords that can help you generate traffic.

  1. Use keyword research tools to know how well your selected keywords are searched for. is a great place to start.
  2. Use long keywords. In recent times, people search for topics, not words.
  3. Strategically place your keywords in your content. Place them in the headlines, and bodies, and use synonyms. Be careful to avoid keyword stuffing and sounding unnatural.

Invest in your website speed

Have you ever been frustrated by a slow-loading website and you just couldn’t wait for it to load completely? This could lead to an increase in bounce rate. As insignificant as this may seem, it can affect your generation of leads to your website.

Here is a tip. A website that loads slowly may be a result of large media files. While you should invest in standard visuals, ensure that the quality doesn’t affect your website speed.

Other reasons for a slow website can be things related to the coding or platform used for the website development.

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Harness social media

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Social media is the new world and your target audience is most likely looking for you on them. Read point 2 here to understand the reason you should harness social media. Here are some social media best practices:

  1. Post at the right time. Experiment with the time you post to know when your target audience will be available.
  2. Hashtags and placing your keywords in the caption are great ways to go.
  3. Compliment your social media organic effort by running ads down to your website. You can also run ads on Google and track them with Google analytics.


Consistency matters. You may not be able to generate traffic if you are not consistent. Play around and see what works best for you.

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